Converting Xcode iOS app to .ipa

The other day I was coding some apps for my iOS developing class and after I finished it, I found a way to transfer them to my iPhone via Xcode, however that process was a little boring and a little long because you need to make a self signed certificate and trick Xcode to use it, and still you will only be able to put it on the device you have at hand. I wanted to share my app with my friends without the need of App Store submitting and stuff ($99 anual developer fee).

So I found these great 4 steps to convert your Xcode project to a .ipa file that you can easily sincronize via iTunes to your device (you need to be jailbroken and have AppSync installed on your iDevice).

1 - Locate your application’s .app usually in

/Users/<youruser>/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/5.0/Applications/<hexadecimal app identifier>/



2 - Create a folder called Payload

3 - Place the .app folder inside of that

4 - Zip up the Payload folder using normal compression

5 - Then rename the file with a .ipa extension

6 - Double click so iTunes recognize it and add it to its app library

via sinfuliphone

Hotkey Cut and Paste

For those of us who need that cut and paste feature back, I found an awesome Applescript by MacTipper that can make that magic happen again with Alfred’s help.

After installing the extension the only thing you need to do is create a hotkey for this extension, I assigned the standard Command-X.


After that the only thing you’ll need to do is select your desired file(s) and/or directories and press your hotkey, you will notice that there’s no shady effect or anything but when you press your hotkey again in the desired destination you’ll find that your selection was actually moved.

You can download the extension here.

Thanks a lot to MacTipper for the code, I hope some find the extension useful.

Go buy the Alfred Powerpack, totally worth it.

Hotkey Unmounter

This Alfred extension is pretty much like the already existent “ejectall” command in Alfred latest versions; however for those shortcut lovers (like me) I’ve made that function “hotkeyable”.

The program basically eject every image or drive mounted in the system, in case some drive is busy and cannot be ejected a Growl notification will be shown.

The only thing you’ll need to do is install the extension and assign a hotkey with no argument to it.


You can download the extension here.

And if by any chance you read this and don’t have Alfred installed you can go download it

Random Opener

This is my first Alfred extension, if you are a Mac user and don’t have Alfred you should totally go and download it . Preferably buy a Powerpack license so you can make the most out of it (including using extensions).

Random Opener extension allow you to open a random file on a given directory. To select a directory you only need to specify it on the code variable DIR.

# The directory you want to use.

Type ‘random’ in Alfred bar and it will open one random file in that directory, that includes any file in any subdirectory inside it.

You can download it here.

If some of you prefer the directory to be specified in the Alfred bar as a parameter for the query I can work on that if you request it.

I hope you find good use for it.


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I won’t talk much about myself, I live in Venezuela, the capital of crime and insecurity, so I’ll try to keep a low profile.

Over here I’ll publish some of my work from now on, I hope some find it useful.

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