Atom language-salesforce

Atom language-salesforce:

For the ones who doesn’t know (and for the ones who cares) I’ve been working developing for the Salesforce platform for almost a year now.

Last week Github revealed what could be the next big thing in code editors, Atom editor, is like Sublime Text or Textmate but promises a lot, so I decided to do my part and grabbed a Salesforce syntax Textmate bundle then converted it to work with Atom.

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Daemon Loader Extension

Load/Unload specified daemon.

This extension is great for people like me that need some services daemon-dependent to run just in special occasions and don’t want a daemon running always in the background.

To install just download and doble click the .alfredextension file. Then you MUST specify the path to the daemon in the “daemon” variable


Note that your password is needed because in order to load or unload daemons sudo permissions are required

*You need to get a Powerpack Alfred License to install extensions


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