New projects

Hello people, it’s been a long while since the last time I wrote a post here. I’ve been really busy with our new blog, if you know any spanish speaking people that are eager to learn about programming stuff please recommend it.

On other topics, we started using HipChat and Slack, really good for team collaboration chatting, also they integrate with different services like Github, Trello and much more. Hipchat for now offers much more functionality than Slack because of his time in the market; however Slack’s GUI is much more friendly and pleasing, I’m sure with some time their services will be a direct competition to Hipchat’s. I’ve made some integrations for both and Disqus. You can check them out in my Github account.

The new ones are:

hipqus - Send new Disqus comments to Hipchat rooms.
hiplout - Send Klout score changes to Hipchat rooms.
slackus - Send new Disqus comments to Slack channels

And you can also check out this Trello integration for HipChat by GoBoundless. The one offered natively by Slack need some work.